Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 2.5- Trial of the Beast

After helping find the Beast innocent, the part traveled to his father’s house by invitation. But once they found Schloss Caromarc they were confronted with a party of trolls and their troll hounds that had attempted to besiege the castle.
After defeating the trolls, the party found evidence of the Whispering Way. What are they doing here? Have they done anything to the Beast or the Count of Caromarc? Were they part of the plot to steal the Seasage Effigy? This is the first you’ve heard of the cult since you found that they were responsible for the death of your friend Professor Lorrimor.

Once inside the gate house, the castle sits on two islands stretching 200 feet above a waterfall. The buildings of the castle building are connected via stone walkways. One the first walkway into the main house you encountered the Count’s construct guards- a construct hound that protected the causeway. Once bypassing the trapped front door, you slew a mysterious construct that protected the main quarters of the house.

After defeating them both, the part explored the house finding things meticulously clean (thanks to the unseen servants) but yet strangely empty. No one has been around for a few weeks. The bottom floor of the castle contained a sitting room, smoking room, trophy room, kitchen and dinning room. While upstairs housed the sleeping quarters. Exploration of the house revealed no secrets.

Connected by another stone causeway is a partially destroyed building with scaffolding in place. Its purpose in this castle is unknown to you. From there, there is a rope bridge that connects to the other side of the water fall to a brick building. Behind that, stretches up to the sky a series of large rods.

Its mid-day, and storm clouds are rolling in…

Session 2.3-2.4; Trial of the Beast

After befriending and defending the Beast of Leipistadt, you have been invited to his “father’s” castle. Invigorated with a new level and 1,000 gp, you all have two days before leaving for Schloss Caromarc.

Since we are starting a touch late on Friday, I want to get all background stuff out of the way.
I hope that Stephanie can get the group loot posted quickly to pad every one’s bank account. Feel free to go shopping, visit the priest, seek out a trainer, etc during this week. For rolls on restoration and things like that, I trust you all to roll on your own and record the amount spent.

If you are using Hero Lab, make sure you have the Carrion Crown data pack enabled. It should make all of the special traits and magic items easier to track.

Remember that you are all 5th level and this is your last chance wipe your PC, take different levels, etc. without penalty. Its not too late to start a party of all clerics!

In reward to saving the life of the Beast… everyone gets 1 HERO POINT!!!

My apologies to Dave and Haden for this past week. Part of the investigation kinda screwed you two over. Sorry about that. There will be plenty of opportunities for you two to roll dice early this week and get in the thick of things!

Lastly, some behind the scenes GM math (for those that care). Mark brought this up Friday but I didn’t have my notes handy at the time. So here you go: you are one level behind the posted curve in the modules and I intend to keep it that way for a few more levels. It works like this: your Average Party Level (APL) is (6*5)/6+1= 6 (the +1 is for 6 PC’s). Encounters in Schloss Caromac are CR6 encounters. So I have two options, one is keep things how they are, Or two, do more work by adding HD/monsters to each encounter. Sorry, but I am taking the easy way out. :) The other way to look at it is that you missed a fair amount of ‘research’ points during the Trial of the Beast (though you got all of the big items) which still has you about 1/2- 1/3 of a level behind if you were counting pure exp gained. This will probably sort itself out in a couple of levels and we’ll be back to the ‘book levels.’

Session 2.2 Trial of the Beast

Eager to find evidence on the Trial of the Beast the characters head off the backwater swamp of Morast. After befriending the locals (after learning a curious talent of the local women), they are lead to an ancient burial ground and the last spot they saw the beast retreat. The beast is charged with kidnapping and killing a number of people from the village. They formed a mob to chase off the beast, ultimately leading it into the swamp and presumed to have been killed by a blood caiman.

Once at the burial ground, they were met with a pair of Manticores (feared to have been undead-ninja-advanced-flying Manticores). After defeating the pair, the characters found a number of clues on the island. Most curious was a set of surgeons tools (which the party is currently tracking). They also found a potion of Dark Vision (why would the beast need this?), several empty graves (why?), the removed face of Nan Klebem (a local poacher who had gone missing). They also deduce that the Beast doesn’t suffer from any scars from a blood caiman.

The next day, the Trial started with a the prosecution presenting its case for the people of Morast. Lisa presented the evidence (noted above) to the court (and its judges) in front of an angry crowd.

That night, the party journeyed to the abandoned town of Hergstag to investigate the apparent murder of several children blamed on the beast. There they ran into wraith spawn and defeated their master. During this, the PC’s able to befriend the spawn of Ellsa a friend of Beast when she was alive. Having only killed one Wraith-Spawn they could communicate with, they learned that the child Karin was killed in his room. This room was on the second floor of his house and was well preserved and was not broken into (How could the beast do this). The next morning, they learned from Barrister Gustav Kaple that he must have died days after the Beast left the town.

The PC’s are hoping present Karin’s body and speak to the dead (using the help of the Church of Pharsma) as well as hope to present evidence that the beast was friends with Ellsa; he can’t cry (over her death) and that his crying looks like laughter; and that they found the bodies of the other children in the cave where the Wraith lived, not where the Beast lived.

The party arrived in their house late in the night, not able to sleep (or recover spells). They start the second day of the trial sleepy (and will need to make fatigue rolls) before the trial and hoping the follow up on the surgeon’s tools.

Session 2.1- The Trial of the Beast

Once their time in Ravengro was complete, the characters were charged with traveling to the northern city of Lepidstadt to deliver books on the occult to a professor at the local university and the Book of the Order of the Palltine Eye to a friend of Professor Lorrimor.
Kaleb hesseOnce on the road, the players encountered a strange group of performers called the Crooked Kin. They had a member of their troupe go missing and the PC’s offered their assistance to find Aleece in return for a magical dagger.
After some searching, they fround Aleece dead and were soon attacked by her killer- a dangerous Phase Spider and some black widows. The monsters were defeated somewhat quickly but their poison was far more deadly than their fangs. Both Ashbar and Myalgios nearly died to the poison but save for the strong heroics of their friends.
Once on the trail, with the Crooked Kin as their allies, the party encountered a pack of dire wolves that were easily put down. They also discovered that Lepidstadt was in upheaval as the infamous Beast of Lepidstadt had recently been captured and placed on trial. The public is eager for a good burning at the stake, and they had their man beast.

After presenting books to Dr. Crowl of the University, they learned that the beast was captured when he stole a particular item from his collection. The Seasage Effigy hasn’t been found but was certainly stolen at the time of the beasts breaking into the University. During an investigation in the University, the characters learned a few clues-
*The area smells of beeswax
*Something heavy landed in the room
*Remains of fine silver wire and tiny bell
*The pedestal containing the effigy was spared, the rest of the room was ruined
*The beast was found rampaging through the workshop

Afterwards, the characters presented the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye was presented to Judge Daramid, an old friend of Professor Lorrimor. After giving the PC’s the promised reward in the late professor’s will, she hired them to help defend the beast. Claiming that someone else is responsible for the crimes the beast has been blamed for. While she is a high ranking Judge and sitting on the trial, she is unable to be seen aiding the unpopular intelligent construct.

Before heading off to cash in their new-found wealth, the PC’s went to visit the hapless Barrister in charge of the Beast’s defense. Learning that his part of the trail starts tomorrow, the PC learn that the Beast is charged with crimes in three locations:

  • Murder of 10 citizens in the village of Morast one year ago
  • Murder of 6 children in the farming community of Hergstag 7 months ago
  • Arson and murder of the inmates and medical direction and blinding of his assistant of the Sanctuary of Karb Isle, 4 months ago.

Tomorrow, the court will hear evidence pertaining to the murders in Morast.

Lastly, the PC’s were able to meet the infamous Beast. The monstrous creation is ugly, kind, angry, gentle, noble, terrible, incredible, and frightening all at once. However, his only words are, “I didn’t do it.” The beast

Session 4-6

After being charged by the town of Ravengro to investigate the haunted prison of Harrowstone, the PC’s did just that. After meeting the haunted spirit of the warden’s wife, Vosorianna, the players learned that five spirit’s of major prisoners were active in the former prison. However, one of them, the Splatterman was the most responsible for terror being wracked in the town.
Armed with that information the PC proceeded to defeat each of the prisoner’s haunt as they explored the ruined prison.
On the top floor, they enchanted stirges drawn to the Piper Illmarsh and his lurid haunting flute. Ashbar was able our preform the villain allowing his friends to defeat the animated skeletons and dreadful stirges. They also encountered Father Charlatan who’s haunt was one of the most dangerous, bud didn’t come into play for some time.
After unlocking the safe and valuable room in the main floor, the PC’s felt comfortable to descend into the bottom floor and main floor for the jail cells. After defeating Ectoplasmic Humans, the party was ambushed by flaming skeletons and actives the haunt of Father Charlatan on Briarfoot. The party nearly suffered major casualties with two events going at once but survived by the thinnest of margins. Ectoplasmic human
Afterwards they moved the main prison block, defeating the Mosswater Maruader and finding the tourture chamber and rescued the badge of office of Wardan Hawkran. After passing through the secret passage (and past a grey ooze) the party encountered the Splatterman and his Blood Writ Haunt. The Haunt caused great concern as several characters started to go insance (Wisdom loss) after seeing their names written in blood. The Splatterman fell soon afterwards.
Lastly, the fifth prisoner, the Lopper was defeated, end the scourge of Harrowstone. Once the characters returned back to Vosorianna, the prison’s haunts were put to rest premanetly and the town of Ravengro was able to return to a peaceful existence.

Session 3

Upon returning from the Haunted prison of Harrowstone, the group encountered a fresh brood of zombies. Risen freshly from the cemetery of the church of Pharsma, the zombies were destroyed but not before alerting the entire town of their presence.
It didn’t take long before the town was in an uproar. In order to calm its citizen, the Ravengro town council offered a hearing to discuss the events that had started this past week. However, shortly after the adventures negotiated to clear the haunted prison and save the townsfolk, another horror developed. The town hall’s lamps suddenly exploded into flames as flaming skulls attacked villagers and the PC’s. Thankfully, the adventurers were able to save the City Hall from burning to the ground, but not before two citizens died from burn wounds.
Determined to end the horror in this city, the PC’s headed out to Harrowstone early the next morning, quickly encountering an animated scythe of the prison’s executioner on the west terrace. Using caution over valor, the party pulled back thinking that a climb to the second floor was a better option.

[Investigations Learned of the 5 Prisoners: The Mosswater Marauder. The Splatter Man.]
[Spirit Planchette: Learned the Warden’s Wife is in the workshop on the first floor of the prison. She wants the Splatter Man dead.]
[Consecration of the Harrowstone Monument: “V-O-R”]

Sessions One and Two

On the first day of Calistril in the year 4711 (Absalom Reckoning) a small group of strangers arrived in Ravengro to pay last respects to an old friend, Professor Petros Lorrimor. As usual, it didn’t take long for the professor to stir up trouble even in a state of eternal rest! The locals have become spooked and blame the professor. It took the fast talking of halfling Lissa to prevent a bloody introduction to the locals.
After the burial of the professor, his daughter Kendra invited the group of strangers to her house to become acquainted with each other and to hear the reading of the professors will. The good news is that each of his benefactors received one hundred platinum pieces for serving his daughter for one month in Ravengro. Then they must take some books to Lepidstadt University. It seems these books discuss the occult as well as one book that remains mysteriously locked. Finally the last book, his journal, revealed cult activity at the haunted burned down jail of Harrowstone and the mysterious cult of the Whispering Way. The same cult the professor was investigating before he died, suddenly.
Though initially mistrusted, the group of now friends quickly earned the trust of many of the locals in Ravengro by providing service to the community. Another halfling, Briarfoot a servant of Pharasma befriended the local clergy by bettering their garden. The (soon to be famous) singer Ashbar has been entertaining the locals with daring tales of love and adventure at the Outward Inn for several nights. One performance in particular will be talked about for many moons in this small town. Meanwhile the secretive Morrigan spent time studying the professors book, leading the part to understand much about the cult.
It was during this time, the group followed a lead from the professor leading them to a false crypt in the grave yard loaded with magical items that once belonged to the Temple of Pharasma. Among the many items found were several Haunt Siphon as well as a Spirit Planchette. Now armed with a way to speak with the dead and some protection against them, they journeyed closer to the haunted prison only to discover that the professor is long beyond their reach and that riddle of the Whispering Way has something to do with Warden Hawkran, the warden at the time of the prison’s fire.
During this time, the monument to Harrowstone has been desecrated on two different occasions. Blood being spilled with the letters, “V” and then “VO” a couple of nights later. The group quickly learned that wardens wife was named Vosorianna and that she also died in the fire, though nobody understood why she was in the prison at the time of the fire. During their exploration of the monument one night, the group was assaulted by a group of skeletons, freshly risen from a neighboring farm! Needless to say, the events of the last couple of days had the locals near a total panic.
To make matters worse, during his last performance, Ashbar fell from the stage during his musical solo. More than his pride was damaged when two stirges assaulted the Inn’s patrons causing damage to the Inn and perhaps ending his career before it was able to properly ascend!
Armed with knowledge of five deadly prisoners the prisoned housed, the group ventured into the haunted prison searing for answers. However they quickly found a Slamming Portal in the main room that was vanquished by a haunt siphon, the Wardens office containing a safe but no key, another steal door bar’d room that required another key, a haunted judgement room, flaming skulls surrounded a pit to the lower level, and lastly and nearly the most deadly, the old furnace. Once the furnace activated it nearly seared Briarfoot on the spot.
The group,bloodied, burnt, and their nerves frayed retreated back to the safe confines of the Larrimor house…

The Begining

The group is assembling in Ravengro to pay last respects to an old Professor Lorrimor. What secrets died with your old friend? Further more why have you all been included in his will?

GM here, and I am wanting to give you some advice. I won’t do this often, so consider this a gift! :) I would pay close attention to the Haunts rule in the GM’s Guide. It is highly likely that you will run into these during your time in Ravengro. Knowing how these encounters work can save us all some headache. You can thank me later in any way you choose.


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