Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 2.1- The Trial of the Beast

Once their time in Ravengro was complete, the characters were charged with traveling to the northern city of Lepidstadt to deliver books on the occult to a professor at the local university and the Book of the Order of the Palltine Eye to a friend of Professor Lorrimor.
Kaleb hesseOnce on the road, the players encountered a strange group of performers called the Crooked Kin. They had a member of their troupe go missing and the PC’s offered their assistance to find Aleece in return for a magical dagger.
After some searching, they fround Aleece dead and were soon attacked by her killer- a dangerous Phase Spider and some black widows. The monsters were defeated somewhat quickly but their poison was far more deadly than their fangs. Both Ashbar and Myalgios nearly died to the poison but save for the strong heroics of their friends.
Once on the trail, with the Crooked Kin as their allies, the party encountered a pack of dire wolves that were easily put down. They also discovered that Lepidstadt was in upheaval as the infamous Beast of Lepidstadt had recently been captured and placed on trial. The public is eager for a good burning at the stake, and they had their man beast.

After presenting books to Dr. Crowl of the University, they learned that the beast was captured when he stole a particular item from his collection. The Seasage Effigy hasn’t been found but was certainly stolen at the time of the beasts breaking into the University. During an investigation in the University, the characters learned a few clues-
*The area smells of beeswax
*Something heavy landed in the room
*Remains of fine silver wire and tiny bell
*The pedestal containing the effigy was spared, the rest of the room was ruined
*The beast was found rampaging through the workshop

Afterwards, the characters presented the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye was presented to Judge Daramid, an old friend of Professor Lorrimor. After giving the PC’s the promised reward in the late professor’s will, she hired them to help defend the beast. Claiming that someone else is responsible for the crimes the beast has been blamed for. While she is a high ranking Judge and sitting on the trial, she is unable to be seen aiding the unpopular intelligent construct.

Before heading off to cash in their new-found wealth, the PC’s went to visit the hapless Barrister in charge of the Beast’s defense. Learning that his part of the trail starts tomorrow, the PC learn that the Beast is charged with crimes in three locations:

  • Murder of 10 citizens in the village of Morast one year ago
  • Murder of 6 children in the farming community of Hergstag 7 months ago
  • Arson and murder of the inmates and medical direction and blinding of his assistant of the Sanctuary of Karb Isle, 4 months ago.

Tomorrow, the court will hear evidence pertaining to the murders in Morast.

Lastly, the PC’s were able to meet the infamous Beast. The monstrous creation is ugly, kind, angry, gentle, noble, terrible, incredible, and frightening all at once. However, his only words are, “I didn’t do it.” The beast



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