Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 2.2 Trial of the Beast

Eager to find evidence on the Trial of the Beast the characters head off the backwater swamp of Morast. After befriending the locals (after learning a curious talent of the local women), they are lead to an ancient burial ground and the last spot they saw the beast retreat. The beast is charged with kidnapping and killing a number of people from the village. They formed a mob to chase off the beast, ultimately leading it into the swamp and presumed to have been killed by a blood caiman.

Once at the burial ground, they were met with a pair of Manticores (feared to have been undead-ninja-advanced-flying Manticores). After defeating the pair, the characters found a number of clues on the island. Most curious was a set of surgeons tools (which the party is currently tracking). They also found a potion of Dark Vision (why would the beast need this?), several empty graves (why?), the removed face of Nan Klebem (a local poacher who had gone missing). They also deduce that the Beast doesn’t suffer from any scars from a blood caiman.

The next day, the Trial started with a the prosecution presenting its case for the people of Morast. Lisa presented the evidence (noted above) to the court (and its judges) in front of an angry crowd.

That night, the party journeyed to the abandoned town of Hergstag to investigate the apparent murder of several children blamed on the beast. There they ran into wraith spawn and defeated their master. During this, the PC’s able to befriend the spawn of Ellsa a friend of Beast when she was alive. Having only killed one Wraith-Spawn they could communicate with, they learned that the child Karin was killed in his room. This room was on the second floor of his house and was well preserved and was not broken into (How could the beast do this). The next morning, they learned from Barrister Gustav Kaple that he must have died days after the Beast left the town.

The PC’s are hoping present Karin’s body and speak to the dead (using the help of the Church of Pharsma) as well as hope to present evidence that the beast was friends with Ellsa; he can’t cry (over her death) and that his crying looks like laughter; and that they found the bodies of the other children in the cave where the Wraith lived, not where the Beast lived.

The party arrived in their house late in the night, not able to sleep (or recover spells). They start the second day of the trial sleepy (and will need to make fatigue rolls) before the trial and hoping the follow up on the surgeon’s tools.



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