Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 2.3-2.4; Trial of the Beast

After befriending and defending the Beast of Leipistadt, you have been invited to his “father’s” castle. Invigorated with a new level and 1,000 gp, you all have two days before leaving for Schloss Caromarc.

Since we are starting a touch late on Friday, I want to get all background stuff out of the way.
I hope that Stephanie can get the group loot posted quickly to pad every one’s bank account. Feel free to go shopping, visit the priest, seek out a trainer, etc during this week. For rolls on restoration and things like that, I trust you all to roll on your own and record the amount spent.

If you are using Hero Lab, make sure you have the Carrion Crown data pack enabled. It should make all of the special traits and magic items easier to track.

Remember that you are all 5th level and this is your last chance wipe your PC, take different levels, etc. without penalty. Its not too late to start a party of all clerics!

In reward to saving the life of the Beast… everyone gets 1 HERO POINT!!!

My apologies to Dave and Haden for this past week. Part of the investigation kinda screwed you two over. Sorry about that. There will be plenty of opportunities for you two to roll dice early this week and get in the thick of things!

Lastly, some behind the scenes GM math (for those that care). Mark brought this up Friday but I didn’t have my notes handy at the time. So here you go: you are one level behind the posted curve in the modules and I intend to keep it that way for a few more levels. It works like this: your Average Party Level (APL) is (6*5)/6+1= 6 (the +1 is for 6 PC’s). Encounters in Schloss Caromac are CR6 encounters. So I have two options, one is keep things how they are, Or two, do more work by adding HD/monsters to each encounter. Sorry, but I am taking the easy way out. :) The other way to look at it is that you missed a fair amount of ‘research’ points during the Trial of the Beast (though you got all of the big items) which still has you about 1/2- 1/3 of a level behind if you were counting pure exp gained. This will probably sort itself out in a couple of levels and we’ll be back to the ‘book levels.’



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