Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 2.5- Trial of the Beast

After helping find the Beast innocent, the part traveled to his father’s house by invitation. But once they found Schloss Caromarc they were confronted with a party of trolls and their troll hounds that had attempted to besiege the castle.
After defeating the trolls, the party found evidence of the Whispering Way. What are they doing here? Have they done anything to the Beast or the Count of Caromarc? Were they part of the plot to steal the Seasage Effigy? This is the first you’ve heard of the cult since you found that they were responsible for the death of your friend Professor Lorrimor.

Once inside the gate house, the castle sits on two islands stretching 200 feet above a waterfall. The buildings of the castle building are connected via stone walkways. One the first walkway into the main house you encountered the Count’s construct guards- a construct hound that protected the causeway. Once bypassing the trapped front door, you slew a mysterious construct that protected the main quarters of the house.

After defeating them both, the part explored the house finding things meticulously clean (thanks to the unseen servants) but yet strangely empty. No one has been around for a few weeks. The bottom floor of the castle contained a sitting room, smoking room, trophy room, kitchen and dinning room. While upstairs housed the sleeping quarters. Exploration of the house revealed no secrets.

Connected by another stone causeway is a partially destroyed building with scaffolding in place. Its purpose in this castle is unknown to you. From there, there is a rope bridge that connects to the other side of the water fall to a brick building. Behind that, stretches up to the sky a series of large rods.

Its mid-day, and storm clouds are rolling in…



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