Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 3

Upon returning from the Haunted prison of Harrowstone, the group encountered a fresh brood of zombies. Risen freshly from the cemetery of the church of Pharsma, the zombies were destroyed but not before alerting the entire town of their presence.
It didn’t take long before the town was in an uproar. In order to calm its citizen, the Ravengro town council offered a hearing to discuss the events that had started this past week. However, shortly after the adventures negotiated to clear the haunted prison and save the townsfolk, another horror developed. The town hall’s lamps suddenly exploded into flames as flaming skulls attacked villagers and the PC’s. Thankfully, the adventurers were able to save the City Hall from burning to the ground, but not before two citizens died from burn wounds.
Determined to end the horror in this city, the PC’s headed out to Harrowstone early the next morning, quickly encountering an animated scythe of the prison’s executioner on the west terrace. Using caution over valor, the party pulled back thinking that a climb to the second floor was a better option.

[Investigations Learned of the 5 Prisoners: The Mosswater Marauder. The Splatter Man.]
[Spirit Planchette: Learned the Warden’s Wife is in the workshop on the first floor of the prison. She wants the Splatter Man dead.]
[Consecration of the Harrowstone Monument: “V-O-R”]



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