Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Session 4-6

After being charged by the town of Ravengro to investigate the haunted prison of Harrowstone, the PC’s did just that. After meeting the haunted spirit of the warden’s wife, Vosorianna, the players learned that five spirit’s of major prisoners were active in the former prison. However, one of them, the Splatterman was the most responsible for terror being wracked in the town.
Armed with that information the PC proceeded to defeat each of the prisoner’s haunt as they explored the ruined prison.
On the top floor, they enchanted stirges drawn to the Piper Illmarsh and his lurid haunting flute. Ashbar was able our preform the villain allowing his friends to defeat the animated skeletons and dreadful stirges. They also encountered Father Charlatan who’s haunt was one of the most dangerous, bud didn’t come into play for some time.
After unlocking the safe and valuable room in the main floor, the PC’s felt comfortable to descend into the bottom floor and main floor for the jail cells. After defeating Ectoplasmic Humans, the party was ambushed by flaming skeletons and actives the haunt of Father Charlatan on Briarfoot. The party nearly suffered major casualties with two events going at once but survived by the thinnest of margins. Ectoplasmic human
Afterwards they moved the main prison block, defeating the Mosswater Maruader and finding the tourture chamber and rescued the badge of office of Wardan Hawkran. After passing through the secret passage (and past a grey ooze) the party encountered the Splatterman and his Blood Writ Haunt. The Haunt caused great concern as several characters started to go insance (Wisdom loss) after seeing their names written in blood. The Splatterman fell soon afterwards.
Lastly, the fifth prisoner, the Lopper was defeated, end the scourge of Harrowstone. Once the characters returned back to Vosorianna, the prison’s haunts were put to rest premanetly and the town of Ravengro was able to return to a peaceful existence.



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