Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Sessions One and Two

On the first day of Calistril in the year 4711 (Absalom Reckoning) a small group of strangers arrived in Ravengro to pay last respects to an old friend, Professor Petros Lorrimor. As usual, it didn’t take long for the professor to stir up trouble even in a state of eternal rest! The locals have become spooked and blame the professor. It took the fast talking of halfling Lissa to prevent a bloody introduction to the locals.
After the burial of the professor, his daughter Kendra invited the group of strangers to her house to become acquainted with each other and to hear the reading of the professors will. The good news is that each of his benefactors received one hundred platinum pieces for serving his daughter for one month in Ravengro. Then they must take some books to Lepidstadt University. It seems these books discuss the occult as well as one book that remains mysteriously locked. Finally the last book, his journal, revealed cult activity at the haunted burned down jail of Harrowstone and the mysterious cult of the Whispering Way. The same cult the professor was investigating before he died, suddenly.
Though initially mistrusted, the group of now friends quickly earned the trust of many of the locals in Ravengro by providing service to the community. Another halfling, Briarfoot a servant of Pharasma befriended the local clergy by bettering their garden. The (soon to be famous) singer Ashbar has been entertaining the locals with daring tales of love and adventure at the Outward Inn for several nights. One performance in particular will be talked about for many moons in this small town. Meanwhile the secretive Morrigan spent time studying the professors book, leading the part to understand much about the cult.
It was during this time, the group followed a lead from the professor leading them to a false crypt in the grave yard loaded with magical items that once belonged to the Temple of Pharasma. Among the many items found were several Haunt Siphon as well as a Spirit Planchette. Now armed with a way to speak with the dead and some protection against them, they journeyed closer to the haunted prison only to discover that the professor is long beyond their reach and that riddle of the Whispering Way has something to do with Warden Hawkran, the warden at the time of the prison’s fire.
During this time, the monument to Harrowstone has been desecrated on two different occasions. Blood being spilled with the letters, “V” and then “VO” a couple of nights later. The group quickly learned that wardens wife was named Vosorianna and that she also died in the fire, though nobody understood why she was in the prison at the time of the fire. During their exploration of the monument one night, the group was assaulted by a group of skeletons, freshly risen from a neighboring farm! Needless to say, the events of the last couple of days had the locals near a total panic.
To make matters worse, during his last performance, Ashbar fell from the stage during his musical solo. More than his pride was damaged when two stirges assaulted the Inn’s patrons causing damage to the Inn and perhaps ending his career before it was able to properly ascend!
Armed with knowledge of five deadly prisoners the prisoned housed, the group ventured into the haunted prison searing for answers. However they quickly found a Slamming Portal in the main room that was vanquished by a haunt siphon, the Wardens office containing a safe but no key, another steal door bar’d room that required another key, a haunted judgement room, flaming skulls surrounded a pit to the lower level, and lastly and nearly the most deadly, the old furnace. Once the furnace activated it nearly seared Briarfoot on the spot.
The group,bloodied, burnt, and their nerves frayed retreated back to the safe confines of the Larrimor house…



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