“Your characters are assumed to be capable of standing against the terrors they
encounter rather than fleeing at the sight of the first ghoul or ghost. The PCʼs arenʼt
being set up as dupes strung along in a series of unsettling events, but rather heroes
thrown against terrors their resolve along might best.” The Haunting of Harrowstone,
page 2

Welcome to the mysteries of Ustalav,where the horrors of the night will become real, very real. Here is your guide for creating your character. Before we start, my I add one word of warning. In Ustalav there are many ways I can kill you. Of course a dagger in your heart is a simple way, but not in any way the most fun. Iʼll find other ways to not just kill your PC, but to drive him/her insane along the way. With that, balance may be the key to survival. Having a balance of fighting
prowess, social graces, and investigation skills will make your life somewhat easier.
Having a character that focuses too much on one of those qualities over the others will be more challenging to play. With that, remember this: Everything in your imagination and more is within your grasp.

Carrion Crown Adventure Path

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